Long Recumbent Trike ride from England

Shared on YouTube by Trikeaholic, this great trike video gives me confidence that I’ll soon be able to manage extended trike rides. Here’s what Trikeaholic had to say:

“The Sun was shinning, the lawn was cut, that left me with only one thing to do. Get on my Trike and start spinning the pedals. I think I must have found most of the hill climbs round the Matlock area in Derbyshire, I was out for about nine hours and covered a distance of 56 Miles, with plenty of stops in the shade. The UK is not accustomed to the Sun actually shinning all day long.”

Recumbent triking in the snow, with style (Videos)

Recumbent trike slides
These two videos, taken in Poland, show recumbent trikes taking some truely awesome slides/drifts in the snow and ice. We naively assumed that recumbent triking would be a fair weather sport, something we tried only when the sun was shining and there was no chance of rain or snow. Now we know better, and can hardly wait to get out and get rolling.

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Locking a recumbent trike or other bicycle (Video)

Bike lock
One of the key questions when you purchase a new HPV is how to secure it. For standard bicycles, it isn’t much of an issue and you have lots of choices depending on how much you want to spend and how secure you need to make your vehicle.

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Great recumbent trike downhill run (Video)

Trike sandals
I’m a huge fan of human powered vehicles and try to promote them when ever I can. And, because of some personal experience, I’ve also become a proponent of wearing proper protective gear while cycling.

So, when I ran across the great down hill run on a recumbent trike posted by “fumimaro029”, I really had mixed emotions. The run is great, and the fact that it was done during the rain, most likely in early summer 2007, made it even more impressive.

The only negative/downside that took the enjoyment out of it for me was the fact that the rider was only wearing sandals. Perhaps there are good reasons for just wearing sandals on a recumbent trike, I can’t be sure.

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Sliding spins with a recumbent trike (Video)

Trike spinout
“one23nifty” can do some pretty nifty slide/spins on his recumbent trike. I’m jealous.

My modified TW-Trikes Mantis 81 isn’t scheduled to show up until the middle of this month, and right now it’s pouring cats & dogs outside. Hopefully we’ll get some good weather towards the end of February and through March so that I can put some miles (km) on the trike.

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The Catrike Story (Video)

Paulo Camasmie had a dream. He was a Brazilian mechanical engineer and wanted to make a unique bicycle. Living in San Paulo, he suddenly decided to move to the United States and start a bicycle company he would christen “Catrike”. Here’s Paulo and the Catrike story:

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Greenspeed Founder & Trike Creator Ian Sims (Video)

Ian Sims, designer of numerous HPV’s, including recumbent trikes, visited the Trike Shop and shared some extremely valuable insight and history. Here’s the intro video clip.

Be sure to watch the rest of Ian’s presentation after the break.

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Being seen is critical, especially on a recumbent trike (Video)

Visibility on a recumbent trike, especially with its low profile, is a major safety issue, so I’m seriously considering outfitting mine with POV lighting system like this:

Thinking about accessories

Originally uploaded by rjedge54.

While I’m waiting for the final quote on my recumbent trike, I was searching through Flickr photos looking for useful accessories that I should put on my ‘must buy’ list. I’d already identified lights and at least one mirror, but this photo got me thinking about a horn or bell.

Folding recumbent trike assembly (Video)

Greenspeed trike
Just one minute from opening the car trunk until you’re ready to pedal away on the Greenspeed GT3 recumbent trike.

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